Paste from Office Enhanced

Retain a wider range of formatting while copying content from Microsoft Word and Excel.

You can paste complex styling and tables right into CKEditor. Check out our side-by-side demos to see the difference. The following samples are the source for the content in the demo below:

With Paste from Office Enhanced


Without Paste from Office Enhanced


  • Test the Paste from Office Enhanced feature along with all the other Productivity Pack plugins, in the Productivity Pack demo.
  • This is just an example implementation with a small subset of available CKEditor features. The way the editor looks and which features are enabled – it’s all up to you.

No more post-paste editing

Together with the General HTML Support plugin, Paste from Office Enhanced supports a far wider range of clean copy-pasting from MS Word and Excel – much more than CKEditor’s default copy-paste functionality.

It retains:

  • Font family and size
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Indentation and spaces
  • Background and border colors and styles

Do more with Paste from Office Enhanced

Error-free copy-pasting saves time and formatting headaches

Clean HTML

Automatic detection, cleaning and transformation of MS Office background structure and formatting, to deliver error-free HTML

Increased productivity

Clean copy-pasting from MS Word and Excel means less time wasted on fixing formatting errors, and more time creating content

Less support tickets

Error-free pasting from Word and Excel means more satisfied users, fewer support requests and cleaner HTML.

Frequently asked questions

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Paste from Office Enhanced is one of the features in the Productivity Pack, which comes included with a CKEditor commercial subscription.

If you already have the Productivity Pack enabled, then all you need to do is update your CKEditor license key. You can find the updated license key in your CKEditor Ecosystem dashboard.

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The Productivity Pack of Premium plugins is available exclusively with a CKEditor commercial license. It is not available to purchase (either in whole or part) separately.

If you want to integrate any of the features included in the Productivity Pack, please contact our Sales team for a custom commercial license.

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The two legal benefits of a commercial license are:

  • You are not required to share your source code with the public in any way.
  • You can whitelabel CKEditor builds after embedding them in your product or application.

Other benefits:

  • Technical support packages tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Exclusive access to the Productivity Pack of essential Premium features: Table of Contents, Document Outline, Format Painter, Slash Commands, Templates, and Paste from Office Enhanced.
  • Ability to pick and purchase any other individual Premium features: Real-time Collaboration, Comments, Track Changes, Revision History, Export to PDF, Export to Word, Import from Word, Pagination, CKBox, CKFinder, Spell and Grammar Check and MathType.
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If you have an existing CKEditor commercial license, please contact your Account Manager to check your eligibility for the Productivity Pack.

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