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100+ Powerful Features

Create captivating content with multiple features available in CKEditor thanks to its plugin-based architecture.

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Advanced text formatting

From basic formatting to applying pre-defined text formats, text styles and creating mathematical formulas or beautiful code snippets.

Full multilingual support

Localized into more than 60 languages, CKEditor supports Right-to-Left text direction as well as assigning a specific language to a text selection.

Fully accessible

CKEditor complies with the latest web accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0, Section 508, WAI-ARIA) and enables creation of accessible content thanks to a built-in Accessibility Checker.

Spell Check As You Type

See and correct misspellings while typing. Misspelled words are underlined and you can simply select a suggestion to replace the incorrect word.


Innovative CKEditor feature that enables creation of customizable rich content entities such as captioned images, code snippets or content templates by grouping multiple HTML elements together.

Clean code

CKEditor creates code that is clean, standards-compliant and readable. You can also include your custom formatting rules to fully control your HTML output.

Advanced Paste from Word

This feature enables pasting content directly from Microsoft Word and maintaining the original content formatting with a clean HTML output.

Add-on repository and Builder

Download a perfectly customized online rich text editor using the online builder and easily integrate additional add-ons from the Repository.

Ease of integration

Integrate CKEditor instantly by adding one script to your page. Choose between the ready-made zip installation package, your favorite package manager or the CDN version.

Rich API

Powerful and extensive API lets you interact with the editor at runtime, create custom features and manipulate content at will.

Fully customizable

Customize every single aspect of CKEditor (i.e. toolbar, skin, color palette, dialogs, context menu, data parsing, styling, etc.) and adjust it to your needs.

Advanced Content Filtering

Limit and adapt input data to have full control over the content that will be allowed in your editor instance.

Empowering your software so people can share their knowledge.

CKFinder - enrich CKEditor with image and file uploads.

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Accessibility Checker - ensure accessibility in content creation with no effort.

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CKEditor documentation page.

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