CKBox is an advanced, versatile file manager. It is also a great tool for managing images. It can act as a native image uploader for WYSIWYG editors such as CKEditor 5, but not only. CKBox offers image optimization, and conversion and supports responsive images. It also provides useful editing tools.

# Wide range of supported image formats

CKBox supports several most popular image file types, including the webp, jpeg, png, gif, and tiff formats. The set provides images fit for most applications, including online content where compression and size are the most important as well as formats that put image quality in the first place. The original uploaded image file is kept as an asset, which can be called by the user in any of the supported formats.

# Image optimization and responsive images

Preserving the best quality and the lowest file size thanks to advanced optimization positively impacts the website’s loading time and SEO performance. The CKBox service also supports creating several versions of an image to address the needs of responsive web design. Any of these optimized versions can be displayed automatically, based on the output viewport, or accessed directly by the user.

# Format conversion

The webp image format, which provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web, is the default output. However, CKBox offers two-way conversion between all supported formats.

# Image editing tools

The service also provides image editing capabilities to make working with assets faster and more efficient.