guideFile management

CKBox supports storing all types of media: responsive images, documents, various video and audio formats, and more. It offers numerous options not only in terms of supported files but also in how they are stored. Administrators can create specific asset categories and choose the file formats they want to include.

Once uploaded, assets can be put under predefined categories and assigned to user-created folders. These can be quickly browsed, added, renamed, or moved. Users can also upload folders full of files with a single click.

It is enough to click any file to get a list of its properties, such as the upload date and size, its dimensions, and the URL to access it. The assets can also be easily renamed, tagged, or described.

All files can be easily searched using various advanced criteria.

# Demo

For more demos of various CKBox implementations visit the Examples section.

# Data separation between users

To establish distinct storage and data segregation among users, user groups, or for seamless integration of CKBox in a multi-tenant application, please refer to the comprehensive guidelines outlined in the Workspaces feature guide.