Important Notes:

  • #13793: The embed_provider configuration option for the Media Embed and Semantic Media Embed plugins is no longer preset by default.
  • The UI Color plugin now uses a custom color picker instead of the YUI 2.7.0 library which has some known vulnerabilities (it's a security precaution, there was no security issue in CKEditor due to the way it was used).

New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #16935: [Chrome] Fixed: Blurring the editor in Source Mode throws an error.
  • #16825: [Chrome] Fixed: Error thrown when destroying a focused inline editor.
  • #16857: Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+V blocked by Copy Formatting.
  • #16845: [IE] Fixed: Cursor jumps to the top of the scrolled editor after focusing it when the Copy Formatting plugin is enabled.
  • #16786: Fixed: Added missing translations for the Copy Formatting plugin.
  • #14714: [WebKit/Blink] Fixed: Exception thrown on refocusing a blurred inline editor.
  • #16913: [Firefox, IE] Fixed: Paste as Plain Text keystroke does not work.
  • #16968: Fixed: [Safari] Paste as Plain Text is not handled by the editor.
  • #16912: Fixed: Exception thrown when a single image is pasted using Paste from Word.
  • #16821: Fixed: Extraneous <span> elements with height style stacked when pasting from Word.
  • #16866: [IE, Edge] Fixed: Whitespaces not preserved when pasting from Word.
  • #16860: Fixed: Paragraphs which only look like lists incorrectly transformed into them when pasting from Word.
  • #16817: Fixed: When pasting from Word, paragraphs are transformed into lists with some corrupted data.
  • #16833: [IE11] Fixed: Malformed list with headers pasted from Word.
  • #16826: [IE] Fixed: Superfluous paragraphs within lists pasted from Word.
  • #12465: Fixed: Cannot change the state of checkboxes or radio buttons if the properties dialog was invoked with a double-click.
  • #13062: Fixed: Impossible to unlink when the caret is at the edge of the link.
  • #13585: Fixed: Error when wrapping two adjacent <div> elements with a <div>.
  • #16811: Fixed: Table alignment is not preserved by the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #16810: Fixed: Vertical align in tables is not supported by the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #11956: [Blink, IE] Fixed: Link dialog does not open on a double click on the second word of the link with a background color or other styles.
  • #10472: Fixed: Unable to use Table Resize on table header and footer.
  • #14762: Fixed: Hovering over an empty table (without rows or cells) throws an error when the Table Resize plugin is active.
  • #16777: [Edge] Fixed: The Clipboard plugin does not allow to drop widgets into the editor.
  • #14894: [Chrome] Fixed: The editor scrolls to the top after focusing or when a dialog is opened.
  • #14769: Fixed: URLs with '-' in host are not detected by the Auto Link plugin.
  • #16804: Fixed: Focus is not on the first menu item when the user opens a context menu or a drop-down list from the editor toolbar.
  • #14407: [IE] Fixed: Non-editable widgets can be edited.
  • #16927: Fixed: An error thrown if a bundle containing the Color Button plugin is run in ES5 strict mode. Thanks to Igor Rubinovich!
  • #16920: Fixed: Several plugins not using the Dialog plugin as a direct dependency.
  • PR#336: Fixed: Typo in CKEDITOR.getCss API documentation. Thanks to knusperpixel!
  • #17027: Fixed: Command event data should be initialized as an empty object.
  • Fixed the behavior of HTML parser when parsing src/srcdoc attributes of the <iframe> element in a CKEditor setup with ACF turned off and without the Iframe Dialog plugin. The issue was originally reported as a security issue by Sriramk21 from Pegasystems and was later downgraded by the security team into a normal issue due to the requirement of having ACF turned off. Disabling Advanced Content Filter is against security best practices, so the problem described above has not been considered a security issue as such.

Other Changes:

  • Updated SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) and WebSpellChecker plugins:
    • Fixed: DOM Exception after clicking "Remove Language" on a selected word with enabled Language plugin in SCAYT.
  • #16958: Switched the default MathJax CDN provider for the Mathematical Formulas plugin from to cdnjs, due to closing of scheduled for April 30, 2017.
  • #16954: Removed the paste dialog.
  • #16982: Latest Safari now supports enhanced Clipboard API introduced in CKEditor 4.5.0.
  • #17025: Updated Bender.js to 0.4.2.
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