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CKEditor for Java Released!

Welcome to the past! 👻
Unfortunately, CKEditor 3 is no longer with us. RIP ❤️

Instead, you can check our new and powerful rich text editor framework, CKEditor 5. It has a modular architecture, integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks and features like real-time collaborative editing.

Or, you can discover CKEditor 4, which is an enterprise-grade WYSIWYG editor with countless features and wide browser compatibility including the legacy ones.

Take me to the future ✨

We are happy to announce the release of yet another official CKEditor integration, this time for Java. CKEditor for Java makes integrating the most popular online WYSIWYG editor in the world with Java applications easier than ever before.

Java Support

Java integration was already available for the predecessor of CKEditor, the acclaimed FCKeditor, and we are now proud to present the complete rewrite of this feature.

Using CKEditor for Java

Adding a CKEditor instance to your Java application has never been easier — just follow the steps below:

  • Download standalone CKEditor and place it in a directory of your choice, like /ckeditor/.
  • Download the ckeditor-java-core-3.x.jar library and place it in the /WEB-INF/lib directory (or alternatively, add a dependency in pom.xml).
  • When the JSP page is ready, declare the CKEditor tag library inside the page:
    <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="ckeditor" %>
  • Add the tag to the page in order to replace a selected textarea with CKEditor:
    <ckeditor:replace replace="textareaId" basePath="/ckeditor/" />

Complete step-by-step integration instructions are available in the Integration Guide.


Visit the CKEditor download page and download the CKEditor for Java as well as the latest CKEditor release.

Reporting Issues

We will be thankful for all feedback regarding the new integration of CKEditor as well as any suggestions on how to further improve it. Please use the CKEditor development web site to report issues and suggestions through tickets. Use the contact form from our website to send your questions and comments.


Community support is available through our forums. Visit the support page for additional options.

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