guideCollaboration data

# Overview

During collaboration, CKEditor Cloud Services stores data temporarily. The data is stored as long as at least one user is connected to a document. After disconnecting the last user, the server deletes all temporary data related to a collaboration session.

Some data is stored permanently. This includes comments, user data needed to display information in comments and suggestions, etc.

# Deleting temporary data

In order to prevent data loss at the moment of breaking the connection of the only connected user (problems with the Internet), CKEditor Cloud Services deletes temporary data after 60 minutes. Thanks to this, there is a chance that after reconnecting the user will be able to save the data.

# Data safety

The data stored permanently in CKEditor Cloud Services is encrypted with a different key for each environment. Also, in most cases, the system uses identifiers instead of data that originates from the users. CKEditor Cloud Services uses encryption to protect communication between the user and the server and provides all communication interfaces using HTTPS or WSS protocols.