guideEditor bundle

An editor bundle is the source code of a pre-configured and ready-to-use CKEditor 5, which is minified and built as a single file. To use the document storage, import and export or connection optimization features you need to upload an exact copy of the editor file from your application to the CKEditor Cloud Services server.

CKEditor Cloud Services uses your editor bundle to convert operations in the collaboration session into data. Thanks to this, CKEditor Cloud Services can ensure data consistency between users and the stored data. Furthermore, if your editor bundle is using some custom plugins that can output some custom data, it will be then properly handled by CKEditor Cloud Services.

Whenever you change something in your editor bundle or its configuration, you should update it on the CKEditor Cloud Services server, too. If the users use different versions of the editor than the one uploaded to the server, it may lead to data loss or even editor crashes.

More information and detailed instructions about using editor bundles can be found in a dedicated section.