# Document dimensions

The converter recognizes the default Word section and outputs information about document size and document margins. Both dimensions are returned in pixels:

  "html": "<p>Hello, World!</p>",
  "document_size": {
    "width": 793.73,
    "height": 1122.53
  "document_margins": {
    "top": 96,
    "right": 96,
    "bottom": 48,
    "left": 48

The section settings like margins and document size are converted from the final section of the .docx file. It means, if there were multiple settings e.g. for margins, these will not make it into the effecting converted content.

To learn more about the available REST API configuration options for the Import from Word converter, read the Import from Word Cloud Services documentation.

# Known limitations

  • As for now, the converter does not support multiple sections in the .docx file. It means that if there are multiple sections in the .docx file, only the last section will be converted.
  • Multi-column sections layout is not supported.