N1ED block by block content builder (+ file manager, image editor)

N1ED is free addon for CKEditor, transforming it into modern block-by-block page builder with many widgets, templates and mobile support.

You can add blocks to your content from the gallery, insert grid (column) mockups and also define your custom blocks for reusing (N1ED will create screenshots of them for your block collection automatically!).

Mobile devices simulation is essential built in feature required to create correct webpages. Semantic breadcrumbs are irreplaceable when editing complex content with lots of nested elements as they allow to quickly select any given widget or an HTML element.

Flmngr File Manager is embedded into N1ED so you will get simple toolset to work with media: from uploading files and images to managing them and editing using also Image Editor.

N1ED powers up your standard CKEditor with a lot of widgets that cover almost any task you may have: find and embed YouTube videos, insert image galleries and slideshows with Bootstrap carousel, styled alerts, budges, tabs and accordions, Font Awesome icons, and also basic components such are tables, links, buttons, etc.. You can also create your own widget templetes right in the editor.



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Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.23 4.22 4.21

Version: 2023.8.1

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