File Manager

The all-inclusive solution for managing your files and images on the website.

You can upload multiple images at once, move, delete and rename them, change directory structure as you wish and enjoy all other capabilities a file manager should have.

Designed to be simple, it has many features:
  • upload multiple files, drag'n'drop to browser is supported
  • all kinds of manipulation with files
  • built-in Image editor
  • includes a number of skins (themes)
  • representing files and images as a list or as thumbnails
  • downloading file and folders as ZIP archives
  • fullscreen preview of images
  • quick file search (filter)
  • hotkeys: full control using the keyboard
  • access control: disabling any feature on client and server sides

Besides CKEditor, it has TinyMCE editionBootstrap Editor editions and a JS library for custom integration.

Upload, manage and edit files and images on your website with ease.


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