Fixed Issues:

  • #2114: Fixed: Autocomplete cannot be initialized before instanceReady.
  • #2107: Fixed: Holding and releasing the mouse button is not inserting an autocomplete suggestion.
  • #2167: Fixed: Matching in Emoji plugin is not case insensitive.
  • #2195: Fixed: Emoji shows the suggestion box when the colon is preceded with other characters than white space.
  • #2169: [Edge] Fixed: Error thrown when pasting into the editor.
  • #1084 Fixed: Using the "Automatic" option with Color Button on a text with the color already defined sets an invalid color value.
  • #2271: Fixed: Custom color name not used as a label in the Color Button plugin. Thanks to Eric Geloen!
  • #2296: Fixed: Color Button throws an error when activated on a content containing HTML comments.
  • #966: Fixed: Executing editor.destroy() during the file upload throws an error. Thanks to Maksim Makarevich!
  • #1719: Fixed: Ctrl/Cmd + A inadvertently focuses inline editor if it is starting and ending with a list. Thanks to theNailz!
  • #1046: Fixed: Subsequent new links do not include the id attribute. Thanks to Nathan Samson!
  • #1348: Fixed: Enhanced Image plugin aspect ratio locking uses an old width and height on image URL change.
  • #1791: Fixed: Image and Enhanced Image plugins can be enabled when Easy Image is present.
  • #2254: Fixed: Image ratio locking is too precise for resized images. Thanks to Jonathan Gilbert!
  • #1184: [IE8-11] Fixed: Copying and pasting data in read-only mode throws an error.
  • #1916: [IE9-11] Fixed: Pressing the Delete key in read-only mode throws an error.
  • #2003: [Firefox] Fixed: Right-clicking multiple selected table cells containing empty paragraphs removes the selection.
  • #1816: Fixed: Table breaks when Enter is pressed over the Table Selection plugin.
  • #1115: Fixed: The <font> tag is not preserved when proper configuration is provided and a style is applied by the Font plugin.
  • #727: Fixed: Custom styles may be invisible in the Styles Combo plugin.
  • #988: Fixed: ACF-enabled custom elements prefixed with objectembedparam are removed from the editor content.

API Changes:

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