Document version control for any software - CKEditor 5 Revision History

Document version control for any software

We are very excited to announce that the much requested CKEditor 5 feature, Revision History, aka version control, will be available very soon! This feature allows you to have better document management and create, view and restore your content versions. This upcoming version control feature brings the full Google Docs-like experience to CKEditor 5 and will be available to use with CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features.

The upcoming feature allows you to document version control within your documents and see exactly what changes were made along the way and by whom. You can centralize a lot of operations this way and help overall workflow.

For instance, within the version preview, you can view the chronological version history, name and rename versions, and compare them with one another. You can even pick a previous version to roll back to while working within your current version!

Control and manage your document with CKEditor 5 Revision History.

Control and manage your document with CKEditor 5 Revision History
Control and manage your document with CKEditor 5 Revision History

# Never lose progress

The new version control system allows you to save content and create versions based on changes made to the existing content over time. You can bundle changes together in save cycles manually or configure the feature to save changes automatically. The choice is yours!

By creating versions, users will have the ability to control and manage the progress of the content in an efficient way and not rely on creating a draft of a document and saving it manually each time. It will prove beneficial for individuals who create elaborate and lengthy documents like legal contracts, policies, reports or research papers.

Want to learn more about Revision History?

Revision history can also be used with multiple authors to collaborate on content and will be a perfect companion feature to CKEditor 5 Collaboration Features. Think of all the times you or your co-workers, co-authors made changes within a document only to later realize you want to bring back something that got lost in the shuffle of older versions.

Revision History will be the solution to this dilemma and a way to track a document thoroughly from inception to completion. No more looking for the latest version or file name across folders on your desktop to find the single document you need. Now, this feature is available all from within the document you have opened and in chronological order allows you to weed through different versions of a document.

# Implement version control in any software

The new Revision History feature is unparalleled in scope of WYSIWYG editor components that you can integrate with your software. It will allow you to not just control the flow of text from inception to completion, but with added customizations, truly bring a Google Docs-like experience to any software or CMS system.

No more asking your co-authors whether they made this or that change and when it was made. You will now be in control of your entire workflow. Each version of a document can be followed and analyzed within a management system that CKSource offers for its clients. This management system is easy to use and allows the user to roll back changes from to the previous versions of a document while being accessible all from within a document a user has opened.

To sum it up, revision control is an important management practice in today’s world of document creation. Most modern rich text editors have some aspect of this feature or version control software available within their offering. Now so does CKEditor 5 and it does this in a way that allows companies to implement it within their own applications and not have to rely on third-party solutions.

Let us know what you think as your opinion and feedback are always appreciated! A free trial will be available soon and the feature will be part of CKEditor 5 premium features.

Contact us to try the demo or with any questions you might have!

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