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CKFinder 2.0 released!

After almost a year of intensive development, it's a pleasure to release the first stable version of CKFinder 2.0, our next generation Ajax file manager.

CKFinder 2.0 is a complete rewrite of CKFinder 1, which got a bit old after three years since its first release. The new core of CKFinder comes straight from CKEditor, which means that it is now even more powerful thanks to the JavaScript API.

What's new?

New, lighter and improved user interface

Based on the experience gained with CKEditor we have created a new light and pleasant interface for CKFinder 2.0. By reducing the number of files and after code optimizations, the new CKFinder loads and works faster. At the same time we did not forget about FCKeditor users, for whom we have also prepared a skin looking like the previous version of CKFinder.

In addition to the new look, another interesting feature is the hability to enlarge the folder/file panel according to your needs by simply dragging it with the mouse.

Copying and moving files? Yes!

We have expanded the list of things you can do by working with CKFinder. You can now copy and move files using drag & drop. If you make a mistake and send the file not where you wanted, you will move it to the right folder with a mouse move!

We have also introduced the new virtual “Basket” folder, making it easy to work with a group of selected files. Currently, you can copy and move files that are in your cart. In future CKFinder versions the features for files in the basket will be expanded.


Since CKEditor 3.0, we've been always focused on delivering the best accessibility solutions in our applications. We had the same approach with CKFinder 2.0, offering full accessibility implemented through WAI-ARIA recommendations. To learn more, read CKEditor 3.2 release announcement.

New powerful plugin system

JavaScript API

Together with CKFinder 2.0 you now receive a powerful JavaScript API, with which you can customize CKFinder to your needs and add new functionalities – your imagination is the only limitation. We have also prepared an extensive documentation with examples, so you can start programming right away. See the Developer's Guide for more details.

Server Side Extensions

Support for server side plugins, thanks to this new feature you can add new features to the server side part of CKFinder without having to change the source code of the original server connectors.

Available plugins:

File editor

Manage your files easily. In addition to copying and moving files, you can now also edit them online! Moreover, for certain types of files (e.g. .html, .js, .php), the built-in editor offers syntax highlighting.

Image resize

Do you need to scale a picture to any size or create thumbnails? It's now so easy - with this plugin, scaling an image will take you just few seconds.

Sounds interesting? Just try out CKFinder demo and then download it!


Thank you to all users for sending notes and suggestions. We based CKFinder 2.0 on your comments. Be sure the future versions will provide more interesting features :-)


If you have downloaded CKFinder 2.0 straight after the release (between May 28th-31th 2010, before June 1st 2010), please download it again, we have included there a fix for small issues discovered later.

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