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A modern, reliable and flexible
WYSIWYG editor

All the updates you need

Editors like Quill, which have not been updated in years and have many security issues that are reported but remain unsolved, can expose your application and users to security threats, not to mention performance issues.

In contrast, CKEditor is updated regularly to ensure a seamless user as well as developer experience:

  • Constant UI, feature, and performance improvements
  • Speedy response to bugs and security issues
  • Extensive documentation as well as docs enhancements
  • Attending to feature requests both from customers and Open Source community

All the features you need

As there are millions of users who write with CKEditor, there are countless different use cases and writing habits and we are on a mission to cover them all, one release at a time.

With CKEditor, not only do we offer a very wide range of features, but we take feature requests seriously. We prioritize new features that are most requested by our customers as well as the Open Source community.

All the ease you need

Implementing CKEditor is easier than you think! With 50+ developers and 97% customer
satisfaction rate, our customer care team will be with you every step of the way.


Build your custom editor instance in 5 steps! Pick your editor type, plugins, toolbar items and the editor language and download your customized build.


Customize your editor further with the help of extensive docs. With detailed examples, features, API documentation, and more.


Native integrations with popular frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js and Electron.

All the collaboration you need

Ready-to-use collaboration features that can be implemented in hours? CKEditor has it covered too.

With the editor built from the ground up, to accommodate collaboration just perfectly, we offer Comments, Track Changes, Revision History, and Real-time Collaboration features. You can choose to try and implement these customizable features right away with a free trial or decide to include them later on when needed! The choice is yours.

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