Next station: The ISS

A new era in intergalactic space travel

Yet another historical moment for space travel came to be over the last weekend. On March 2nd, SpaceX’s new reusable spacecraft Crew Dragon, which is designed to carry cargo and humans to orbitaling and other locations, lifted of for its first test flight of Commercial Crew Program, on March 3rd, to International Space Station. Dragon docked flawlessly to ISS on March 3rd and will be returning to Earth on March 8th.

Crew Dragon docking with the ISS, SpaceX.
Crew Dragon docking with the ISS, SpaceX.

Even though Crew Dragon only carried a dummy called Ripley (named after Ellen Ripley, the main character of "Alien") this time around, the next flight in July will have 2 veteran astronauts, Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken aboard.

This will be the first time astronauts will launch to space from the U.S. soil since NASA shut down its space shuttle program in 2011. Together with Boeing’s commercial space shuttle Starliner, SpaceX will finally eliminate NASA’s dependency on Soyuz, Russia’s legacy rocket and spacecraft, that had been around since 1967 .

Along with last month’s sneak peek to the first test of the Raptor rocket engine for Starship Rocket (which is initially designed to carry its crew to colonize Mars one day), SpaceX proves to be a deserving leader in the space and beyond.

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