warning This is the last open source release of CKEditor 4. As announced in 2018, CKEditor 4 has reached its End of Life in June 2023.

New Features:

  • #5316: Added vertical margins support for list elements in the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #5410: Added the ability to indicate the language of styles in the Styles Combo plugin via the config.styleSet configuration option.
  • #5510: Added notification system to the editor informing users that the editor version is up-to-date and secure. See config.versionCheck configuration option to learn more.

Fixed Issues:

  • #5437: Fixed: Incorrect indication of selected items in combo boxes. The selected item was unmarked upon each opening of the combo box.
  • #5495: Fixed: Insufficient color ratio for links inside Notifications.

Other Changes:

  • #5412: Prevent using document.domain in Firefox in the Preview plugin.
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