Fixed Issues:

  • #875: Fixed: Pasting inside the editor that contains a table with the Table Selection plugin after selecting all content replaces only the table element instead of the entire content.
  • #3415: [Firefox] Fixed: Pasting individual list elements fails. Thanks to Jack Wickham!
  • #3413: Fixed: Menu items with labels containing double quotes are rendered incorrectly.
  • #3475: [Firefox] Fixed: Pasting plain text over existing content fails and throws an error.
  • #2027: Fixed: Incorrect email display text after reopening the Link dialog for display names starting with @.
  • #3544: Fixed: The Special Characters dialog read incorrectly by screen readers due to empty table cells at the end.
  • #1653: Fixed: Balloon Toolbar is not repositioned when the editor is scrolled with the Div Editing Area feature enabled.
  • #3559: Fixed: Color Dialog is incorrectly positioned when used with another dialog.
  • #3593: Fixed: Cannot access a text or comment node when replacing an element node with them via CKEDITOR.htmlParser.filter.
  • #3524: Fixed: The Easy Image plugin throws an error when any image with an unsupported data type is pasted into the editor.
  • #3552: Fixed: Incorrect value of CKEDITOR.plugins.widget.repository#selected after selecting the whole editor content.
  • #3586: Fixed: Content pasted from Microsoft Excel is not correctly recognised by the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #3585: [Firefox] Fixed: Microsoft Excel content is pasted as an image.
  • #3625: [Firefox] Fixed: Microsoft PowerPoint content is pasted as an image.
  • #3474: Fixed: Incorrect focus order after any tab in a dialog was clicked.
  • #3689: Fixed: Cannot change dialog tabs with keyboard arrow keys after focusing any tab with a mouse click.

API Changes:

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