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New Export to Word converter v.1.7.0 released

CKEditor with the highlighted possibility to convert code to MS Word. In the editor`s content there`s a table. One of the table`s cell is active so we can change it`s properties in the floating window

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the HTML to MS Word v1.7.0 converter that powers the Export to Word feature. The latest converter version brings in the support for table column group element and for table cell width.

# New features

# Support for the column group element

The <colgroup> HTML tag indicates a group of columns (there may be one or more columns in the group) in a table for formatting. It is used for applying styles to entire columns, instead of repeating these styles for each cell, for each row.

This version of the HTML to Word converter supports the <colgroup> and <col> tags while setting the column width and retains this formatting option in the generated document.

# Support for table cell width

The latest version also introduces support for another formatting feature, namely the table cell width support. Many WYSIWYG editors, including our own CKEditor 5, allow the users to control the table cell width by setting it manually. This setting is now respected by the converter and the table will be output accordingly, keeping the defined width in the final Word document.

The HTML to Word converter properly carries on the column width set inside CKEditor 5.
The HTML to Word converter properly carries on the column width set inside CKEditor 5.

# Bug fixes

Apart from new features, we keep on working on improving the product. This release brings in dependencies maintenance fix, ensuring a proper, high, security level.

# Export to Word converter availability

The Export to Word CKEditor 5 premium plugin is just one practical application for the HTML to Word converter. The service is also available as part of the CKEditor Cloud Services package, as well and a standalone on-premises solution available for licensed users.

You can read more about the HTML to Word converter and its practical applications in a dedicated blog post. You can also test the converter thanks to the Premium Features Free Trial offer.

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