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  • Smaller Selection

    The plugin listens for the double click on the content and then tries to check first the boundaries of the selection that the browser has created,

  • StyleSheetParser (Fixed)

    This plugin is based on an old patch for the stylesheetparser plugin to avoid problems with the cache as well as enabling its use in inline-editing

  • Non-breaking space

    Minimal plugin to insert a non-breaking space ( ) into the content by pressing Ctrl+Space

  • No ABP

    If any of your users install the AdBlock Plus extension for IE, you'll find that your content gets filled with "abp" attributes.

  • Allow Save

    The default "Save" button is not available if you're not using the "replace textarea" method since CKEditor 4 and even in t

  • XML Templates

    This plugin allows to use the XML format for templates used in the old FCKeditor with CKEditor

  • SimpleUploads (file and images upload options)

    This plugin (formerly know as ImagePaste) offers a set of rich and very easy to use options to upload images and files to CKEditor.

  • Configuration Helper

    Simplify the task of changing some behaviors of CKEditor:

  • Background Image for Tables and Cells

    This plugin adds a field and image selector in the table and cell dialogs to add a background image (the old HTML way as an attribute instead of a

  • Image Paste

    This page now includes just the basic free version of the ImagePaste plugin.

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