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Important Notes:

  • To match the naming convention, the language button is now Language (#11201).
  • Enhanced Image button, context menu, command, and icon names match those of the Image plugin (#11222).

Fixed Issues:

  • #11244: Changed: The widget.repository.checkWidgets() method now fires the widget.repository.checkWidgets event, so from CKEditor 4.3.1 it is preferred to use the method rather than fire the event.
  • #11171: Fixed: editor.insertElement() and editor.insertText() methods do not call the widget.repository.checkWidgets() method.
  • #11085: [IE8] Replaced preview generated by the Mathematical Formulas widget with a placeholder.
  • #11044: Enhanced WAI-ARIA support for the Language plugin drop-down menu.
  • #11075: With drop-down menu button focused, pressing the Down Arrow key will now open the menu and focus its first option.
  • #11165: Fixed: The File Browser plugin cannot be removed from the editor.
  • #11159: [IE9-10] Enhanced Image: Fixed buggy discovery of image dimensions.
  • #11101: Drop-down lists no longer break when given double quotes.
  • #11077: Enhanced Image: Empty undo step recorded when resizing the image.
  • #10853: Enhanced Image: Widget has paragraph wrapper when de-captioning unaligned image.
  • #11198: Widgets: Drag handler is not fully visible when an inline widget is in a heading.
  • #11132: [Firefox] Fixed: Caret is lost after drag and drop of an inline widget.
  • #11182: [IE10-11] Fixed: Editor crashes (IE11) or works with minor issues (IE10) if a page is loaded in Quirks Mode. See env.quirks for more details.
  • #11204: Added figure and figcaption styles to the contents.css file so Enhanced Image looks nicer.
  • #11202: Fixed: No newline in BBCode mode.
  • #10890: Fixed: Error thrown when pressing the Delete key in a list item.
  • #10055: [IE8-10] Fixed: Delete pressed on a selected image causes the browser to go back.
  • #11183: Fixed: Inserting a horizontal rule or a table in multiple row selection causes a browser crash. Additionally, the editor.insertElement() method does not insert the element into every range of a selection any more.
  • #11042: Fixed: Selection made on an element containing a non-editable element was not auto faked.
  • #11125: Fixed: Keyboard navigation through menu and drop-down items will now cycle.
  • #11011: Fixed: The editor.applyStyle() method removes attributes from nested elements.
  • #11179: Fixed: editor.destroy() does not cleanup content generated by the Table Resize plugin for inline editors.
  • #11237: Fixed: Table border attribute value is deleted when pasting content from Microsoft Word.
  • #11250: Fixed: HTML entities inside the <textarea> element are not encoded.
  • #11260: Fixed: Initially disabled buttons are not read by JAWS as disabled.
  • #11200: Added Clipboard plugin as a dependency for Widget to fix drag and drop.
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