New features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #4543: Fixed: Toolbar buttons toggle state is not correctly announced by screen readers lacking the information whether the feature is on or off.
  • #4052: Fixed: Editor labels are read incorrectly by screen readers due to invalid editor control type for the Iframe Editing Area editors.
  • #1904: Fixed: Screen readers are not announcing the read-only editor state.
  • #4904: Fixed: Table cell selection and navigation with the tab key behavior is inconsistent after adding a new row.
  • #3394: Fixed: Enhanced image plugin dialog is not supporting URL with query string parameters. Thanks to Simon Urli!
  • #5049: Fixed: The editor fails in strict mode due to not following the use strict directives in a core editor module.
  • #5095: Fixed: The clipboard plugin shows notification about unsupported file format when the file type is different than jpggifpng, not respecting supported types by the Upload Widget plugin.
  • #4855: [iOS] Fixed: Focusing toolbar buttons with an enabled VoiceOver screen reader moves the browser focus into an editable area and interrupts button functionality.

API changes:

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