Toolbar switch on Maximize

This plugin allows you to change the themed ui editor instance toolbar when switching between maximized mode and normal.


  • Maximize plugin. But not the button that goes with it. All toolbars used in the ckeditor instance have to use the 'Toolbarswitch' button instead.
  • A custom config to define the small and big toolbars.
  • function CKeditor_OnComplete(ckEditorInstance){ ... your own custom code or leave empty... } This was added to the plugin for those that wrap the ckeditor in other java script to shield the rest of their code from ckeditor version particularities.
  • Turn off advanced content filtering with: "config.allowedContent = true;" otherwise content will be filtered away when switching from a big to a small toolbar.

  • jQuery

Example replace:

CKEDITOR.replace('sometextcomponentname', {
    customConfig: '/...custom_ckeditor_config.js',
    toolbar: 'yoursmalltoolbarname',
    smallToolbar: 'yoursmalltoolbarname',
    maximizedToolbar: 'yourbigtoolbarname'

In case you want to use the same config everywhere and do


everywhere instead. Simply add the following to the "config.js":

config.toolbar_minToolbar = [...]; // Custom minimized toolbar config
config.toolbar_maxToolbar = [...]; // Custom maximized toolbar config
config.toolbar = 'minToolbar';
config.smallToolbar = 'minToolbar';
config.maximizedToolbar = 'maxToolbar';
config.allowedContent = true;



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4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 4.3.2

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Typo fix in javascript:

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