• Copy files to the "plugins" folder of CKEditor, then add `config.extraPlugins = 'katex';` in config.js.
    Please note, source code is ECMAScript 2016+. If you need to support old browsers, transpile the code on your own.
  • Or use official builder "https://ckeditor.com/cke4/builder".


// [Required] Pathes to the CSS and JS files of katex library.
config.katexLibCss = '';
config.katexLibJs = '';

// Default class of an element that will be converted into a widget.
config.katexClass = 'math-tex';

// List of delimiters to look for math. Each delimiter is array of:
// left delimiter (String), right delimiter (String), display mode (Boolean).
// By default `\(` and `\[` are used, but `$` and `$$` are also supported.
config.katexDelimiters = [...];

// Additional options to pass into `katex.renderToString`.
config.katexOptions = {...};




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Version: 1.0.0

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Initial release.

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