Introducing CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack module for Drupal

Meet the new Drupal module, CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack brings a suite of plugins to core CKEditor 5 module, designed to enhance the content editing capabilities within Drupal.

This free plugin pack aims to meet the diverse requirements of modern web projects, while ensuring a high-quality content creation process by incorporating a selection of free, Premium, and limited versions of Premium features, all offered at no cost.

What is CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack?

CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack is a Drupal module which extends the functionality available in the core CKEditor 5 module with existing features in standalone CKEditor. The module offers the following CKEditor 5 features at no cost:

  • Text transformation
  • To-do document list
  • Word count
  • Block indentation
  • Find and replace
  • Highlight
  • Fonts
  • Templates (Premium feature offered for free)
  • Full-screen Mode (Premium feature offered for free)
  • Limited version of WProofreader

By bringing these features to the Drupal community, with the support from the authors of the contrib modules ‘Find and Replace’, ‘Highlight’, and ‘Font Plugin’, we aim to honor and build upon the foundation they have created. Their initial work has been instrumental in the development of these integrated solutions within the Plugin Pack, showcasing the power of community collaboration in advancing Drupal’s content management capabilities.

What does the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack include?

Free Features

Following features are available in the free version of standalone CKEditor 5 and are also free in the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack module for Drupal.

1. Text Transformation

Automates the conversion of typed shortcuts into their expanded forms or symbols, enhancing content consistency.


2. To-do Lists

Enables the addition of interactive to-do lists in content, improving organization and planning.


3. Word Count

Provides a real-time count of words, characters, and paragraphs, crucial for content management.

4. Block Indentation

Allows for easy adjustment of block indentation, ensuring better content clarity and organization.

5. Find and Replace

Simplifies content editing by finding and replacing text, developed with insights and contributions from the community.


6. Highlight

Enhances text visibility and focus by enabling text highlighting within content, thanks to community support.

7. Fonts

Expands font options, allowing for a richer content presentation, developed in collaboration with community module authors.


8. WProofreader

Offers spell and grammar checking to elevate content quality, available with certain usage limitations. This feature is provided in cooperation with WebSpellChecker.

Premium Features Available for Free

Following features are available as Premium features in standalone CKEditor 5, but are available for free in the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack module for Drupal and will not require a license key.

1. Templates

Accelerates content setup with customizable templates, available with the rollout of Drupal 10.3 on June 17th.


2. Full-screen Mode

Provides a focused editing environment by offering a full-screen mode at no additional cost.

Getting Started with the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack

To integrate the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack into your Drupal site, follow our Installation Guide.

For comprehensive information about the CKEditor 5 Plugin Pack, including features, support, and community discussions, visit the main module page on This page serves as a hub for all detailed information regarding the plugin pack, offering an in-depth look into how it can enhance your Drupal content editing experience.Quick Links

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