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CKEditor Community Forums Move to Stack Overflow

The power of each Open Source project lies in the community around it. To make community contributions and support easier, we have decided to migrate from our own forum that had a limited number of features to a full-blown community support platform - Stack Overflow. Read on for more details about the move!

CKEditor is, and will always be, an Open Source project and the amazing community around it is what fuels its development. To make discussions for all-things-CKEditor easier, in 2007 we set up the forums as a platform where the community could seek help, provide help and share ideas. During the last 8 years a total amount of 70 000 posts were submitted to the forums, countless issues were solved and lots of valuable content was created.

However, as years passed by, social channels and dedicated online communities gained popularity and we see it is time to move on. For some time now we have felt that maintaining the forums ourselves and asking everyone to register on our site to ask questions and help fellow users is not the best solution. So after considering various scenarios, we concluded that it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel and…

We’re Moving to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the question and answer site well-known to anyone who has tackled software development professionally or even as a hobby. The CKEditor tag on Stack Overflow already contains over 4000 questions and our developers are there, answering your issues, along with other community members well-versed in CKEditor, JavaScript, any environments that CKEditor is integrated with and so on.

Additionally, Stack Overflow provides lots of tools that our forum lacks, including the voting system rewarding best answers, user badges, reputation points and privileges. Your Stack Overflow profile can actually be a valuable asset if you apply for a job, so by helping fellow CKEditor developers you can gain some real-life reputation, too!

Stack Overflow FAQ

You can find answers to some questions related to our migration to Stack Overflow below.

Q: What happens with existing forums?

A: The entire CKEditor knowledge base that accumulated in the CKEditor forums stay where they are - at The forums will, however, work in read-only mode.

Q: What if I want to continue a thread discussed on the forum?

A: If you happen to find a question that interests you and want to learn further details, head to Stack Overflow, describe your issue in accordance with Stack Overflow posting rules and give the original forum thread as a reference.

Q: How should I tag my CKEditor questions?

A: Use the “ckeditor” tag when asking a question. Usually it also makes sense to add the “javascript” tag, too.

Q: How can I find questions about CKEditor?

A: Go to Stack Overflow and enter [ckeditor] into the search box to start searching in questions tagged “ckeditor”.

Q: Will blog and add-on repository comments be disabled, too?

A: No, you will still be able to comment on our blog and on the add-on repository pages. Please don’t use blog comments for bug reports, though, or to search answers to your editor issues. Go to the Issues Tracker to report a bug and to Stack Overflow to ask your question, please!

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