management systems

Implement collaborative writing and watch virtual classrooms thrive.

An easy-to-use, collaborative, WYSIWYG rich text editor is a crucial component of every LMS. It lets your users create and collaborate on any type of content: assignments, course guides, assessments and/or other classroom materials.

Features your users will love

  • Word count, spell and grammar checking.
  • Easy pasting from Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Lists, tables, links, block quotes, media embed and more.
  • MathType for accurately displaying mathematical equations.
  • Autoformatting to improve efficiency.
  • Autosave to avoid the risk of losing content.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts to access tools quickly.

Collaborative features

Users can:

  • Engage discussion by adding comments.
  • Have them populate inline with your text and don’t miss a beat.
  • Review, edit, and proofread group projects.
  • Collaborate in real time as well as asynchronously.
  • Whatever your speed, CKEditor adjusts to you.
CKEditor 5 saved us so many hours of development.
Alex Eckermann

Alex Eckermann

CTO, Tablo

Essential benefits

Foster collaboration

Providing a collaborative space for an UNLIMITED number of users in a single editor will make your application indispensable for teachers, students, parents, academics, and administrators.

Comment and track changes

Features like Comments and Track Changes foster interactions between students so they can be creative together. Give them the ability to write, create, as well as give and receive feedback more easily.

Stay in one application

By providing an intuitive writing environment that combines content creation and feedback processes in your application, you eliminate switching between multiple applications and boost your users’ productivity.

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