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Balancing user needs with UX - July 9

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Instant messaging and
social applications

Providing for the speed of the users, customizable WYSIWYG rich text editors that work.

Whether you are working on an instant messaging software or social media application, your WYSIWYG rich text editor needs to "just work" and work fast without annoying any users. Some users like the WYSIWYG interface and use shortcuts. Some prefer to write first, format later or format text on the go. And some like Markdown. Good news is CKEditor can cover all of the different writing preferences and habits!

Features your users will love

  • Inserting photos, GIFs, links seamlessly.
  • Embedding of videos, or social media posts.
  • Robust and intuitive keyboard shortcuts with/for efficiency.
  • Write and share code snippets with an assigned programming language.
  • Using emojis to animate your messages and updates.
  • Autosave to avoid the risk of losing content.
  • All the classics needed like bold, italic, underline, headings and lists.

Autoformatting and @mentions for everyone's productivity

  • Customize the way your users will autoformat. Allow for automatic text transformations and autolinks. Use mentions for smart autocomplete text with markers like # or @.
  • While CKEditor 5 you can serve as best for both Markdown and classic WYSIWYG, it lets users decide how they would like to use the editor. All thanks to auto formatting which allows for much broader possibilities.
CKEditor helped us get started quicker, without having to handle all the edge cases ourselves.
Jani Laakso

Jani Laakso

CTO, Leadoo

Essential benefits


Simplify content creation workflow. Get clean HTML output, Shorten time to market.


Improve collaboration, Boost productivity, Store data where you like.


Focus on assessing your user needs and rely on CKEditor to handle the rest with over 20.000 tests, and 100% code coverage

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