guideImage conversion

CKBox converts images on the fly during upload and when you fetch images from CKBox on demand.

# Format and size

While webp is the default format, you can convert image files to all file formats allowed in the CKBox configuration. By default, these include webp, jpeg, png, gif, and tiff. You can also control the horizontal size of the image.

# Example

You can access various optimized image versions by a specifically formatted URL. You can find the base URL in the bottom section of the asset properties panel.

For example, if the image has a base URL like this:

It will display the full-size 1600px-wide file.

If you need a smaller version in a different size, replace the file at the end of the URL with the images/ slug followed by the horizontal resolution and the file format desired. The URL below will produce a 320 pixels wide png file, pictured below.

Optimized image:

Optimized file version.

Bear in mind that CKBox will serve the closest available optimized image size. Refer to the Responsive images guide to learn more about the optimized image creation process.

You can read more about calling optimized images in the CKBox API reference.

# Quality

CKBox controls the quality of uploaded images. Refer to the Optimization guide for more details.