New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #13334: Fixed: Error after nesting widgets and playing with undo/redo.
  • #13118: Fixed: The editor.getSelectedHtml() method throws an error when called in the source mode.
  • #13158: Fixed: Error after canceling a dialog when creating a widget.
  • #13197: Fixed: Linked inline Enhanced Image alignment class is not transferred to the widget wrapper.
  • #13199: Fixed: Semantic Embed does not support widget classes.
  • #13003: Fixed: Anchors are uploaded when moving them by drag and drop.
  • #13032: Fixed: When upload is done, notification update should be marked as important.
  • #13300: Fixed: The internalCommit argument in the Image dialog seems to be never used.
  • #13036: Fixed: Notifications are moved 10px to the right.
  • #13280: [IE8] Fixed: Undo after inline widget drag&drop throws an error.
  • #13186: Fixed: Content dropped into a nested editable is not filtered by Advanced Content Filter.
  • #13140: Fixed: Error thrown when dropping a block widget right after itself.
  • #13176: [IE8] Fixed: Errors on drag&drop of embed widgets.
  • #13015: Fixed: Dropping an image file on Enhanced Image causes a page reload.
  • #13080: Fixed: Ugly notification shown when the response contains HTML content.
  • #13011: [IE8] Fixed: Anchors are duplicated on drag&drop in specific locations.
  • #13105: Fixed: Various issues related to and
  • #11976: [Chrome] Fixed: Copy&paste and drag&drop lists from Microsoft Word.
  • #13128: Fixed: Various issues with cloning element IDs:
  • Toolbar configurators:
    • #13185: Fixed: Wrong position of the suggestion box if there is not enough space below the caret.
    • #13138: Fixed: The "Toggle empty elements" button label is unclear.
    • #13136: Fixed: Autocompleter is far too intrusive.
    • #13133: Fixed: Tab leaves the editor.
    • #13173: Fixed: config.removeButtons is ignored by the advanced toolbar configurator.

Other Changes:

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