Fixed Issues:

  • #4617: Fixed: Autocomplete is not accessible in inline editors.
  • #4493: Fixed: The drop-down label does not reflect the current value of the drop-down.
  • #1572: Fixed: A paragraph before or after a widget cannot be removed. Thanks to bunglegrind!
  • #4301: Fixed: Pasted content is overwritten when pasted in an initially empty editor with the div Enter mode.
  • #4351: Fixed: Incorrect values for RGBA/HSLA colors in Color Dialog.
  • #4509: Fixed: Incorrect handling of drag & drop inside widgets and nested editables.
  • #4611: [Android, iOS] Fixed: Incorrect hover styles for buttons in the toolbar on mobile devices.
  • #4652: Fixed: Event data set to false is treated as an event cancelation.
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