New Features:

  • #1751: Introduced the Autocomplete feature that consists of the following plugins:
    • Autocomplete – Provides contextual completion feature for custom text matches based on user input.
    • Text Watcher – Checks whether an editor's text change matches the chosen criteria.
    • Text Match – Allows to search CKEDITOR.dom.range for matching text.
  • #1703: Introduced the Mentions plugin providing smart completion feature for custom text matches based on user input starting with a chosen marker character.
  • #1746: Introduced the Emoji plugin providing completion feature for emoji ideograms.
  • #1761: The Auto Link plugin now supports email links.

Fixed Issues:

  • #1458: [Edge] Fixed: After blurring the editor it takes 2 clicks to focus a widget.
  • #1034: Fixed: JAWS leaves forms mode after pressing the Enter key in an inline editor instance.
  • #1748: Fixed: Missing CKEDITOR.dialog.definition.onHide API documentation. Thanks to sunnyone!
  • #1321: Ideographic space character (\u3000) is lost when pasting text.
  • #1776: Empty caption placeholder of the Image Base plugin is not hidden when blurred.
  • #1592: The Image Base plugin caption is not visible after paste.
  • #620: Fixed: The config.forcePasteAsPlainText option is not respected in internal and cross-editor pasting.
  • #1467: Fixed: The resizing cursor of the Table Resize plugin appearing in the middle of a merged cell.

API Changes:

Other Changes:

  • Updated SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) and WebSpellChecker (WSC) plugins:
    • Language dictionary update: Added support for the Uzbek Latin language.
    • Languages no longer supported as additional languages: Manx - Isle of Man (gv_GB) and Interlingua (ia_XR).
    • Extended and improved language dictionaries: Georgian and Swedish. Also added the missing word "Ensure" to the American, British and Canada English language.
    • #141 Fixed: SCAYT throws "Uncaught Error: Error in RangyWrappedRange module: createRange(): Parameter must be a Window object or DOM node".
    • #153 [Chrome] Fixed: Correcting a word in the widget in SCAYT moves focus to another editable.
    • #155 [IE8] Fixed: SCAYT throws an error and does not work.
    • #156 [IE10] Fixed: SCAYT does not seem to work.
    • Fixed: After some text is dragged and dropped, the markup is not refreshed for grammar problems in SCAYT.
    • Fixed: Request to FastCGI fails when the user tries to replace a word with non-English characters with a proper suggestion in WSC.
    • [Firefox] Fixed: Ctrl+Z removes focus in SCAYT.
    • Grammar support for default languages was improved.
    • New application source URL was added in SCAYT.
    • Removed green marks and legend related to grammar-supported languages in the Languages tab of SCAYT. Grammar is now supported for almost all the anguages in the list for an additional fee.
    • Fixed: JavaScript error in the console: "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined" in SCAYT and WSC.
    • [IE10] Fixed: Markup is not set for a specific case in SCAYT.
    • Fixed: Accessibility issue: No alt attribute for the logo image in the About tab of SCAYT.
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