• The "Multi Language" system is now available. This version ships with English and Italian versions completed. Other languages will be available soon. The editor automatically detects the client language and sets all labels, tooltips and dialog boxes to it, if available. The auto detection and the default language can be set in the fck_config.file.
  • Two files can now be created to isolate customizations code from the original source code of the editor: fckeditor.config.js and fckeditor.custom.js. Create these files in the root folder of your web site, if needed. The first one can be used to add or override configurations set on fck_config.js. The second one is used for custom actions and behaviors.
  • A problem with relative links and images like "/test/test.doc" has been solved. In prior versions, only with XHTML support enabled, the URL was changed to something like "http://www.mysite.xxx/test/test.doc" (The domain was automatically added). Now the XHTML cleaning procedure gets the URLs exactly how they are defined in the editor’s HTML.
  • [SF BUG-742168] Mouse drag and drop from toolbar buttons has been disabled.
  • [SF BUG-768210] HTML entities, like <, were not load correctly. The problem is solved.
  • [SF BUG-748812] The link dialog window doesn't open when the link button is grayed.


  • Three new options are available in the configuration file to set what file types are allowed / denied to be uploaded from the "Insert Link" and "Insert Image" dialog boxes.
  • Upload options, for links and images, are automatically hidden on IE 5.0 browsers (it's not compatible).
  • [SF BUG-734894] Fixed a problem on XHTML cleaning: the value on INPUT fields were lost.
  • [SF BUG-713797] Fixed some image dialog errors when trying to set image properties when no image is available.
  • [SF BUG-736414] Developed a workaround for a DHTML control bug when loading in the editor some HTML started with <p><hr></p>.
  • [SF BUG-737143] Paste from Word cleaning changed to solve some IE 5.0 errors. This feature is still not available over IE 5.0.
  • [SF BUG-737233] CSS mappings are now OK on the PHP image browser module.
  • [SF BUG-737495] The image preview in the image dialog box is now working correctly.
  • [SF BUG-737532] The editor automatically switches to WYSIWYG mode when the form is posted.
  • [SF BUG-739571] The editor is now working well over Opera (as for Netscape, a TEXTAREA is shown).

1.0 FC

  • A new dialog box for the "Link" command is available. Now you can upload and browse the server exactly like the image dialog box. It's also possible to define the link title and target window (_blank, _self, _parent and _top). As with the image dialog box, a sample (and simple) file server browser is available.
  • A new configuration option is available to force every paste action to be handled as plain text. See "config.ForcePasteAsPlainText" in fck_config.js.
  • A new Toolbar button is available: "Paste from Word". It automatically cleans the clipboard content before pasting (removesWord styles, classes, xml stuff, etc...). This command is available for IE 5.5 and more. For IE 5.0 users, a message is displayed advising that the text will not be cleaned before pasting.
  • The editor automatically detects Word clipboard data on pasting operations and asks the user to clean it before pasting. This option is turned on by default but it can be configured. See "config.AutoDetectPasteFromWord" in fck_config.js.
  • Table properties are now available in cells' right click context menu.
  • It's now possible to edit cells advanced properties from it's right click context menu.

1.0 RC1

  • Some performance improvements.
  • The file dhtmled.cab has been added to the package for clients ho needs to install the Microsoft DHTML Editor component.
  • [SF BUG-713952] The format command options are localized, so it depends on the IE language to work. Until version 0.9.5 it was working only over English IE browsers. Now the options are load dynamically on the client using the client's language.
  • [SF BUG-712103] The style command is localized, so it depends on the IE language to work. Until version 0.9.5 it was working only over English IE browsers. Now it configures itself using the client's language.
  • [SF BUG-726137] On version 0.9.5, some commands (special chars, image, emoticons, ...) remove the next available character before inserting the required content even if no selection was made in the editor. Now the editor replaces only the selected content (if available).

0.9.5 Beta

  • XHTML support is now available! It can be enabled/disabled in the fck_config.js file.
  • "Show Table Borders" option: show borders for tables with borders size set to zero.
  • "Show Details" option: show hidden elements (comments, scripts, paragraphs, line breaks)
  • IE behavior integration module. Thanks to Daniel Shryock.
  • "Find" option: to find text in the document.
  • More performance enhancements.
  • New testsubmit.php file. Thansk to Jim Michaels.
  • Two initial PHP upload manager implementations (not working yet). Thanks to Frederic Tyndiuk and Christian Liljedahl.
  • Initial PHP image browser implementation (not working yet). Thanks to Frederic Tyndiuk.
  • Initial CFM upload manager implementation. Thanks to John Watson.
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