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  • Enhancements to the Word cleaning feature (Thanks to Karl von Randow).
  • The Table dialog box now handles the Style width and height set in the table (Thanks to Roberto Arruda). There where many problems on prior version when people changed manually the table's size, dragging the size handles, and then it was not possible to set a new size using the table dialog box.
  • For the Image dialog box:
    • No image is shown in the preview pane if no image has been set.
    • If no HSpace is set in the image a "-1" value was shown in the dialog box. Now, nothing is shown if the value is negative.
  • [SF BUG-739630] Image with link lost the link when changing its properties. The problem is solved.
  • Due to some problems in the XHTML cleaning (content duplication when the source HTML is dirty and malformed), the XHTML support is turned off by default from this version. You can still change this behavior and turn it on in the configuration file.
  • Some little updates on the English language file.
  • A few addition of missing entries on all languages files (translations for these changes are pending).
  • Language files has been added for the following languages:
    • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
    • Czech (cz)
    • Dutch (nl)
    • Russian (ru)
    • Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)
    • Greek (gr)
    • German (de)
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