Media Widget

This widget embeds image, video, audio and iframe elements wrapped within a figure and optionally with a caption.

The figure will get an appropriate CSS class reflecting the media type (image, video, audio or iframe) and, if alignment is set, one of left or right.

Currently this widget supports setting the attributes width and height for all media types and alt for images. The controls (audio and video) and allowfullscreen (iframe) are automatically set.

The resulting HTML for an image with a caption will be p.e.

<figure class="image">
    <img src="/url/to/media" alt="Some Alternative" />
    <figcaption>An image with alternative text, but without width and height set</figcaption>

Supported browser APIs

If you provide a browser implementation that uses one of the following browser APIs the Browse server button will appear:

  1. browser
  2. mediabrowser
  3. filebrowser

This widget itself does not provide any browser!

The browser plugin (if installed) will be used as the preferred option, when the URL to your browser implementation is configured

config.mediaBrowser = '/url/to/browser';

Otherwise the mediabrowser plugin (if installed and configured) will be used as the second option, or the filebrowser plugin (if installed) as the third option.

Usage with browser and mediabrowser plugin

Your browser implementation can currently send following keys with the message:

    src: '...', // required, URL to media
    type: '...', // optional, audio, iframe, image or video
    alt: '...', // optional, alternative text (only for images)
    width: '...', // optional
    height: '...' // optional


If you need inline media elements in the resulting HTML, please stick with version 0.20 or use another plugin, because this is not supported anymore.

Inline media elements initially loaded into the editor content will automatically be wrapped inside a figure and stay there when you save the editor content, even if you omit the caption.





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