Google Maps

This plugin allows the users to easily create and insert a Google Map into the content. There are many available options so you can get a nice and powerful map inserted in the page with very little effort and no previous knowledge about HTML, Javascript or even the Google Maps are required.

Select the type of map that you want to use (map, satellite), location, zoom, size. The add markers to highlight the places that you want, select the color for them, join them with lines or draw an area.

It's possible to select other less known features like weather, traffic, ... check the demo to see all the options by yourself.

The only requirement is that the server/CMS is configured to allow javascript as that's the way to make Google maps work without using iframes.

The product is sent directly after payment and it includes the install instructions (as easy as any other CKEditor plugin). All future upgrades to the plugin are included.

The plugin is compatible with CKEditor 3.6 and 4.x


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