Gallery Widget

This widgets serves as a container for multiple instances of other media widgets in order to display them as a gallery, p.e. with the aid of flexbox or grid layout, or as a slider/carousel, p.e. with your own implementation or one of your choice, or as whatever else comes into your mind.

This widget itself does not provide any slider/carousel functionality! It only provides a HTML structure suitable for aforementioned purposes and allows to maintain it within the editor.

The resulting HTML will be p.e.

<figure class="gallery">
    <div class="content">
        <figure class="image">
            <img src="..." />


At current state this widget

  • only allows figure elements as child elements (filtering takes place on downcast),
  • does not offer any configuration options and
  • does not offer a dialog to set custom classes or values.

This could change in one of the future versions.




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Version: 2.10

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