A11yFirst Link

This plugin adds the A11yFirst Link button to the editor toolbar. It provides authors with features for ensuring that the display text of a link is accessible for people with disabilities.

It is a replacement for the standard Link plugin.


The A11yFirst Link plugin has all the features of the standard Link plugin, but adds additional validation of the link display text to check for common accessibility issues.

For example, the plugin checks for display text that does not describe the target of the link, e.g "click here", "more", etc.

It prompts the author when a URL is used as the display text, as they are typically not very descriptive of the link target. However, they are allowed through a confirm dialog box, which warns the user of the accessibility problems of using the URL.

In general, this plugin helps authors understand the importance of display text in describing the target of a link as accurately and succinctly as possible.


Display Text Validation

  • Does not allow empty Display Text
  • Does not default to using the URL as the Display Text
  • Warns when a URL is used as the Display Text
  • Detects the use of ‘click here,’ ‘more’ et al.


The help command opens the A11yFirst Help plugin option to help authors learn more about the accessibility issues related to the display text for links and the importance of descriptive display text.

NOTE: The help feature is dependent on the A11yFirst Help plugin being installed.



309 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.13 4.12 4.11

Version: 1.2.3

DownloadRelease notes

v1.2.3 — 16 Sep 2019


  • Toolbar button tooltips

    • Added 'A11yFirst' prefix to 'Image' and 'Link' tooltips to differentiate them from standard plugins.
  • Changed default toolbar groups to existing groups that are used by Builder, to fix problem with two plugins not showing up in default toolbar:

    • 'Heading' button default group is 'paragraph'
    • 'A11yFirstHelp' button default group is 'mode'
  • Character Styles plugin

    • Updated list of default styles by removing 'u' and 'strike', which seem redundant when 'ins' and 'del' are also in the list.
  • A11yFirst Link plugin

    • Updated styling of 'Help' button to match A11yFirst Image
  • Created A11yFirst Documentation Wiki website that includes the following four pages:


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