CKEditor pricing

CKEditor pricing

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For freelancers and small projects

Up to 5 active users

Up to 2 developers

Commercial license

internal application or 1 OEM or 1 SaaS

No support requests

Add-onsMonthly fee

+ $17
+ $13
+ $9
+ $19
+ $13
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$37/ month( billed annually )

Ready-made package for mid-size projects

Up to 25 active users

Up to 2 developers

Commercial license

internal application or 1 OEM or 1 SaaS

2 support requests monthly

Add-onsMonthly fee

+ $17
+ $22
+ $9
+ $19
+ $22
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Tailor-made offer for any size and use case

Let's talk and customize your:

Licensing metrics

License terms

Internal applications / OEM / SaaS / product family coverage

Support coverage

Billing terms

Additional add-ons

Easy Image


Export to PDF and Word


Accessibility Checker

Spell and grammar checking


Collaboration & content review add-ons

Real-time collaborative editing


Track changes

Revision History

Contact us

Collaborative editing

Make your content creation process faster and more efficient by integrating collaborative editing and commenting features with your software solution. A commitment-free 30-days trial is available for free so you can try it out before you take the decision.

All subscription plans include

  • Advanced Paste from Word
  • Advanced Content Filtering
  • Widgets (captioned images, code snippets, math formulas, videos etc.)
  • 100+ quality add-ons maintained by the core CKEditor team
  • Access to community-driven Add-Ons Repository
  • Autoformatting & keyboard support
  • Paste from Office (including pasting from Word and Google Docs)
  • Widgets
  • Media embed & responsive images
  • Multiple features for articles & documents editing

Frequently asked questions

Under which open source licenses are CKEditor 5 and CKEditor 4 available?

CKEditor 5 is distributed under a GPL 2+ copyleft license. For more details visit Note, that if you are running an OSI approved project that is not compatible with GPL 2+ copyleft, find out more about our Free for Open Source offer:

CKEditor 4 is distributed under three copyleft Open Source license options: GPL, LGPL and MPL.

What are the benefits of being commercially licensed for CKEditor?

Compared to Open Source which comes with a multitude of obligations, the obvious advantage is a legal one: commercial licenses do not require you to share your source code with the public in any way. Also, commercial licenses come with another equally important advantage: support. Our support team can make sure that you understand and integrate the editor correctly, and will be there to help in case you run into a wall.

What is an Active User?

Active User is a person or bot that used our software at least once in a given billing period. For example, if you purchased a pool of 25 Active Users and in the middle of the billing period (be it annual or monthly) and 2 of your users are no longer active, you may allocate these 2 slots to 2 new users of your application.

I am using CKEditor in my SaaS project. My user base includes a high number of freemium users. How would this affect my active users count?

If your project is SaaS, a freemium user does not count as an active user.

What happens if I exceed my active user allowance?

If you exceed your active user allowance, simply contact us at to talk about upgrading your allowance or customizing your plan.

What is a product or internal application family?

A product (OEM or SaaS) or internal application family cannot be treated as one even under one suite of software solutions. Each product or internal application within your family supports your users in a different area of the business and shall be licensed separately. If you wish to embed the editor in a product or internal application family solution, please contact us.

What is a Developer?

A Developer is an employee or individual contractor designated by you to perform development activities (coding, configuring, code testing) with our products or to receive ongoing technical support.

Is it possible to use a different licensing metric than the number of users?

We will be happy to discuss a suitable solution on a case-by-case basis in the Flexible plan.

What is the number of support requests per month?

The number of support requests per month is the total monthly allowance of support requests for the product bundle you purchased. The product bundle means any additional products you purchased with CKEditor (e.g. CKEditor and CKFinder, Accessibility Checker or CKEditor and Easy Image, etc.).

If you purchased CKEditor as a stand-alone product, the number of support requests per month refers only to the editor support.

What is the minimum length of subscription-based software licenses?

The minimum length of subscription-based license agreements for our software products (CKEditor, CKFinder, Accessibility Checker, Letters, CKEditor 5 Comments Plugin, CKEditor 5 Track Changes Plugin and Collaboration Server On-Premises) is 12 months regardless of which billing you choose (monthly or annual).

If you decide to terminate your subscription of CKEditor, CKFinder, Accessibility Checker, Letters, CKEditor 5 Comments Plugin, CKEditor 5 Track Changes Plugin and Collaboration Server On-Premises, you are obliged to immediately remove our software completely from your or your clients’ servers. That means that upon your cancellation you’re not allowed to distribute or commercialize our software as part of your Product or provide access to it via your Internal Application.

What is the minimum length of CKEditor Cloud Services subscriptions?

The minimum length of CKEditor Cloud Services subscription is one month. If you are interested in a much longer contract (such as 2 or 3 years), we are open to negotiate the price.

Do we count servers, environments or domains on which you host your products and internal applications?

Except for Collaboration Server On-Premises, we do not take into account these metrics. As long as you use our software in a defined product or internal application, you may deploy it on as many servers, environments and domains as you wish.

I am currently using CKEditor 4 in my project but want to migrate to CKEditor 5. Do I need to purchase a new license?

You do not need to purchase a new subscription when migrating to CKEditor 5 if:

• you are on an active CKEditor 4 subscription,

• you purchased the CKEditor 4 perpetual license and your license is renewed on a yearly basis.

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