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Preflex Solutions Pvt Ltd

Karnataka, India
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About Preflex Solutions Pvt Ltd

Preflex solutions smart and efficient technology company. Allaying with customers for DevSecOps solutions, best practices, process and E2E implementations, Comprises with IT development (Dev), Continuous testing, left shift security vulnerability, IT operations (Ops). Decade expertise in helping customers with seamless communication, collaboration with developer and operation communities resulting in quick, reliable and quality product delivery. Preflex partnered with well-known proven enterprise, certified products and customizing them with two-decade experience to deliver DevSecOps, ITSM, Cloud lift shift solutions. Also have proven expertise on doing POC’s on enterprise products from DevSecOps, ITSM, Cloud, testing in collaboration with customer use case. Preflex as technology company ally with customer to fulfil product testing services to automate test cases, using continuous testing solutions (, selenium etc, manual testing to qualify the customer usable product.