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Commercial license

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CKEditor 4 is an Open Source application

All downloads are free and fully functional!

All subscription plans include

  • Advanced Paste from Word
  • Advanced Content Filtering
  • Widgets (captioned images, code snippets, math formulas, videos etc.)
  • 100+ quality add-ons maintained by the core CKEditor team
  • Access to community-driven Add-Ons Repository

Frequently asked questions

Under which licenses is CKEditor 4 available?

CKEditor 4 is distributed under three copyleft Open Source license options: GPL, LGPL, MPL and commercial licenses in case you need more flexibility.

We operate in a subscription-based licensing model with monthly payments.

What am I entitled to while on active subscription?

While on active subscription our customers receive usage rights to the editor, a dedicated support and in case of OEM license (on-premise and SaaS software solutions) also distribution rights.

What are monthly active users?

Total number of unique users in your company (in case of internal application) or in ALL the companies that are your customers (in case of OEM/SaaS solution) that access CKEditor at least once in a month.

What happens if I exceed my monthly active users allowance

If you exceed your monthly active users allowance

  • while on the Flexible pricing plan please visit CKEditor Ecosystem dashboard and upgrade your monthly active users allowance accordingly or simply contact us at sales@cksource.com if you need to have specific terms,
  • while on the Flexible Plus pricing plan please contact us at sales@cksource.com to upgrade your monthly active users allowance.

What is a product family?

A product family cannot be treated as one product even when under one product platform. Each product within the product family supports your customers in a different area of the business and as such shall be licensed separately. If you wish to embed the editor in a product family solution then you should choose the Flexible Plus pricing plan.

What is the number of support requests per month?

Number of support requests per month is the total monthly allowance of support requests for the product bundle you purchased. The product bundle means any additional product you purchased with CKEditor 4 (e.g. CKEditor 4 + CKFinder or CKEditor 4 + Easy Image etc.).

If you purchased CKEditor 4 as a stand-alone product, then the number of support requests per month refers only to the editor support.

Is annual payment available for subscription-based licenses?

Annual payment can be requested under the Flexible Plus pricing plan.

What is the minimum length of subscription-based license agreements?

The minimum length of subscription-based license agreements for CKEditor, CKFinder and Accessibility Checker is 12 months. However, you have the right to cancel your subscription-based license within thirty (30) days after the purchase date with no refunds available for the first month of subscription.

In case of CKEditor, CKFinder or Accessibility Checker subscription-license cancellation before the minimum 12 month period, all rights to use and the License granted to the Customer shall expire and the Customer is obliged to discontinue the use of the Software by:

  • immediately discontinuing distribution of the Software embedded in the Product,
  • immediately discontinuing providing access to the Software through the user interface of Internal Application,
  • immediately stopping its clients to use the Software.

The minimum length of subscription-based license agreements for Easy Image is 1 (one) month.

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