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User's addons

  • Keep TextSelection

    The plugin that makes the editor keep it's text-selection when switching between WYSIWYG and Source mode, and scrolls the selection into the vi

  • Media (oEmbed) Plugin

    This Plugin allows to insert embedded content (such as photos, videos, audio, and other rich media) via the OEmbed API.

  • Word Count & Char Count Plugin

    WordCount Plugin for CKEditor that counts the words an shows the word count in the footer of the editor.

  • AutoSave Plugin

    Auto Save Plugin for the CKEditor which automatically saves the content (via HTML5 LocalStorage) temporarly (for example when a login session times

  • CodeMirror (Source) Syntax Highlighting


    Syntax Highlighting for the CKEditor (Source View and Source Dialog) with the CodeMirror Plugin

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