Fixed Issues:

  • #10685: Fixed: Unreadable toolbar icons after updating to the new editor version.
  • #14573: Fixed: Missing Widget drag handler CSS when there are multiple editor instances.
  • #14620: Fixed: Setting both the min-height style for the <body> element and the height style for the <html> element breaks the Auto Grow plugin.
  • #14538: Fixed: Keyboard focus goes into an embedded <iframe> element.
  • #14602: Fixed: The dom.element.removeAttribute() method does not remove all attributes if no parameter is given.
  • #8679: Fixed: Better focus indication and ability to style the selected color in the color picker dialog.
  • #11697: Fixed: Content is replaced ignoring the letter case setting in the Find and Replace dialog window.
  • #13886: Fixed: Invalid handling of the instance with the styles property by CKEDITOR.filter.
  • #14535: Fixed: CSS syntax corrections. Thanks to mdjdenormandie!
  • #14312: [IE] Fixed: Artifact is visible after pasting any text.
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