New Features:

Fixed Issues:

  • #13590: Fixed: Various issues related to the Paste from Word feature. Fixes also:
  • #13386: [Edge] Fixed: Issues with selecting and editing images.
  • #13568: Fixed: The editor.getSelectedHtml() method returns invalid results for entire content selection.
  • #13453: Fixed: Drag&drop of entire editor content throws an error.
  • #13465: Fixed: Error is thrown and the widget is lost on drag&drop if it is the only content of the editor.
  • #13414: Fixed: Content auto paragraphing in a nested editable despite editor configuration.
  • #13429: Fixed: Incorrect selection after content insertion by the Auto Embed plugin.
  • #13388: Fixed: Table Resize integration with Undo is broken.

Other Changes:

  • #13637: Several icons were refactored.
  • Updated Bender.js to 0.3.0 and introduced the ability to run tests via HTTPs (#13265).
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