Fixed issues:

  • #4934: Fixed: Active focus in dialog tabs is not visible in the High Contrast mode.
  • #547: Fixed: Dragging and dropping elements like images within a table is no longer available.
  • #4875: Fixed: It is not possible to delete multiple selected lists.
  • #4873: Fixed: Pasting content from MS Word and Outlook with horizontal lines prevents images from being uploaded.
  • #4952: Fixed: Dragging and dropping images within a table cell appends additional elements.
  • #4761: Fixed: Some CSS files are missing unique timestamp used to prevent browser to cache static resources between editor releases.
  • #4987: Fixed: Find/Replace is not recognizing more than one space character.
  • #5061: Fixed: Find/Replace plugin incorrectly handles multiple whitespace during replacing text.
  • #5004: Fixed: MutationObserver used in IFrame Editing Area plugin causes memory leaks.
  • #4994: Fixed: Easy Image plugin caused content pasted from Word to turn into an image.

API changes:

Other changes:

  • #5014: Fixed: Toolbar configurator fails when plugin does not define a toolbar group. Thanks to SuperPat!
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