Fixed Issues:

  • #2721#487: Fixed: The order of sublist items is reversed when a higher level list item is removed.
  • #2527: Fixed: Emoji autocomplete order does not prioritize emojis with the name starting from the used string.
  • #2572: Fixed: Icons in the Emoji dropdown navigation groups are not centered.
  • #1191: Fixed: Items in the elements path are draggable.
  • #2292: Fixed: Dropping a list with a link on the editor's margin causes a console error and removes the dragged text from editor.
  • #2756: Fixed: The Auto Link plugin causes an error when typing in the source editing mode.
  • #1986: Fixed: The Cell Properties dialog from the Table Tools plugin shows styles that are not allowed through config.allowedContent.
  • #2565: [IE, Edge] Fixed: Buttons in the editor toolbar are activated by clicking them with the right mouse button.
  • #2792: Fixed: A bug in the Copy Formatting plugin that caused the following issues:
    • #2780: Fixed: Undo steps disappear after multiple changes of selection.
    • #2470: [Firefox] Fixed: Widget's nested editable gets blurred upon focus.
    • #2655: [Chrome, Safari] Fixed: Widget's nested editable cannot be focused under certain circumstances.
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