Text Transform

A very simple plugin which provides transforming selected text to new cases. You can transform selected text to uppercase, lowercase or simply capitalize it.

Available Transform Cases

  • Transform Text to Uppercase: Convert letters to uppercase
  • Transform Text to Lowercase: Convert letters to lowercase
  • Transform Capitalize: Capitalize each word of selected text
  • Transform Switcher: Loop through all cases



Currently plugin supports 2 languages.

  • en
  • tr

Translations are welcomed.


  1. Download source files and place them on to be created "texttransform" folder under the CKeditor's plugin base. 2. Define plugin in CKEDITOR config object.
            CKEDITOR.config.extraPlugins = 'texttransform';
  2. Add transform buttons to your editor toolbar.
            CKEDITOR.config.toolbar = [
                { name: 'texttransform', items: [ 'TransformTextToUppercase', 'TransformTextToLowercase', 'TransformTextCapitalize', 'TransformTextSwitcher' ] }
  3. Set your CKEDITOR language if you did not set it yet.
            CKEDITOR.config.language = 'en';


View the live demo on jsFiddle.



72,450 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.23 4.22 4.21

Version: 1.1

DownloadRelease notes

* Merge pull request #3 from ppKrauss/patch-1 (fix for v1.0 destroy formated text bug)

* Fixed Turkish locale transformation problem

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