Sound Player


Adds a button in CKEditor to listen Self-Hosted musique on the site. It can also operate a web radio streaming.

Four differents audio players are availables.

Compatible with every browsers and supports.

This plugin use the SoundManager2 library.


In config.js :

   config.extraPlugins = 'soundPlayer';

Widget is needed.


After creation with CKEditor, you have to insert the JS and CSS dependencies in your page :

  • soundPlayer/soundmanager2/soundmanager2-jsmin.js in every cases ;
  • soundPlayer/soundmanager2/bar-ui.css and bar-ui-min.js for the bar-ui player ;
  • soundPlayer/soundmanager2/360player.css, 360player-min.js and berniecode-animator-min.js for the 360 player ;
  • soundPlayer/soundmanager2/inlineplayer.css and inlineplayer-min.js for the inline player ;
  • soundPlayer/soundmanager2/mp3-player-button.css and mp3-player-button-min.js for the mp3 player button.

You also need to add this script with the absolute url (without domain name) to link the swf directory :





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Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 1.0

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First stable version

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