Save Markdown

A ckeditor plugin that allows you to save the content of your editor in markdown syntax.

When CKEditor is placed inside an HTML form, this plugin saves the editor content and submits it to the server. It also adds the Save Markdown toolbar button which submits the form that contains the editor.

Note: This functionality only works for classic editor placed inside a <form> element on the page.


6,047 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 1.0.0

DownloadRelease notes

The First Release

In this version, it tries to copy the form that the ckeditor is placed in it, and inserts it at the end of body

This form is not the exact copy of the original form that contains ckeditor.
It just contains the values of original form and it's textarea element with markdown value instead.

After this cloning instructions, it tries to submit the copy form.

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