QRCode generator

This plugin will add to your CKEditor text a QRCode picture of entered text or number, or mix...

This Coded picture is new way to code your article.. 

QR code is similar as is BAR-Code but more sofisticated.

How to USE?

Enter in first blank field text or number or mix

Enter in second blank field picture size ( Only number, without px, or mm, or similar.. eg 300 will make QR-Code picture widh size 300x300px)

NEWER VERSION HERE IS 1.1 just to know :)

NOTICE 1: I was never try CKEditor builder. but manualy installation will work for shure.

I was release new 1.1 version of this plugin, and I hope it will be here very soon.

If not, you can donload new 1.1 version of this plugin via Source Code Browser

at address: http://i-goo.tk/tmp/qrc1_1.zip

NOTICE 2: You need to have internet connection in order to use this plugin.




51,281 downloads (view stats)


Plugin versions CKEditor versions
4.24 4.23 4.22

Version: 1.1

DownloadRelease notes

I hope, i was fix reported error.

adding it via the Builder breaks the editor

Please report if this error still permanent.


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